Glossary terms

Active Demand Management (ADM)
The practice of proactively influencing facility demand based on a variety of approaches to encourage mode shift, trip changes, and to influence traveler behavior.
Active Parking Management (APM)
The dynamic management of parking facilities in a region to optimize performance and utilization of those facilities while influencing travel behavior at various stages long the trip making process: i.e., from origin to destination.
Active Traffic Management (ATM)
The ability to dynamically and proactively manage recurrent and nonrecurrent congestion on an entire facility based on prevailing traffic conditions.
Active Transportation and Demand Management (ATDM)
The dynamic management, control, and influence of travel demand, traffic demand, and traffic flow of transportation facilities.
Abbreviation for Active Demand Management.
Abbreviation for Active Parking Management.
Abbreviation for Active Transportation and Demand Management.
Abbreviation for Active Traffic Management.