Active Management Screening Tool (AMST)

The purpose of the AMST is to help agencies better assess the potential of active management strategies for their region within the CMP. Furthermore, the AMST is structured to provide beneficial information and guidance related to active management strategies in all areas and levels of transportation planning. The useful tool directly links the transportation planning process with operations by providing regions with information on which operational strategies they might include in the regional transportation plan that have the potential to provide the most benefit to the regional transportation network. The AMST ascertains at the appropriate screening level, major attributes about candidate corridors that help determine if any active management strategy is suitable and appropriate, and in successive steps which strategy and its companion support facility and program needs best respond to the mobility, safety, and environmental needs of the corridor. Active management strategies included in the tool are: high occupancy vehicle lanes; high occupancy toll lanes; express toll lanes; non-tolled express lanes; exclusive/dedicated truck lanes; exclusive transitways; temporary shoulder use on freeways; speed harmonization; queue warning; dynamic rerouting and traveler information; ramp metering; dynamic merge control; and automated enforcement.

HOT START Software

The High-Occupancy/Toll Strategic Analysis Rating Tool (HOT START) program was developed for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to provide a tool to aid in analyzing key issues related to converting a high-occupancy (HOV) lane to a high-occupancy/toll (HOT) lane.  The tool includes three broad categories of factors to consider, including facility considerations, performance considerations, and institutional considerations.  The following are links to specific publications related to this product: